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Christopher Martinus Susanto
Guntur Surya

Choanal atresia is a disorder in which there is a congenital membrane or bone in one or both choanas due to the failure of the buconasalis membrane to divide from the embryonic period. Currently, there is still controversy about the effectiveness of various surgical techniques and the need for post-surgical use of stents and anti-neoplastic agents. Provides information regarding the diagnosis and management of choanal atresia. A 15-year-old female with bilateral choanal atresia. The patient underwent endonasal choanoplasty. Choanal was patented until the 8th week of post-operative evaluation. Management of choanal atresia. Making a neo-unicoana with a mucosal mesh is one of the effective surgical techniques for treating choanal atresia

Keywords: atresia koana bilateral koanoplasti endonasal neo-unikoana
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