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Hasnawati Husen
Masrida Sinaga

An organization must assess the efficacy of its implemented performance measures. SoE Regional General Hospital is a local government agency specializing in public health services. This study endeavors to evaluate the performance of SoE Regional General Hospital (RSUD) by applying the Balanced Scorecard methodology. It was a descriptive quantitative study involving 81 respondents (54.9% female, 45.1% male), with a sample of 72 employees (72.8% female, 27.8% male). The findings indicate that RSUD SoE achieved a total performance measurement score of 0.6, categorizing it as 'good'. Specifically, revenue growth is observed from the financial perspective, albeit not reaching the target; expenditure costs remain within budget, and annual SILPA is reported. Customer satisfaction stands at 64.6%, representing a positive outcome in the customer perspective. Innovations in operational processes are evident in the internal business perspective, though inpatient service indicators fall short of Ministry of Health standards. Regarding growth and learning, employee satisfaction reaches 70.8%, with regular training programs and a favorable retention rate, indicating a conducive environment for employee productivity. Overall, the Balanced Scorecard assessment places the performance of the state-owned hospital within an acceptable range, indicating satisfactory performance levels.

Keywords: Performance SoE Hospital Balanced scorecard
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